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Services Overview

Car servicing

We perform full car servicing on all makes and models for a peace of mind for your car for many years.


We carry out full MOT service for your vehicle so it is road worthy, if your car does not pass MOT you don't pay.


Our fully trained technicians can find a fault in your vehicle and advise you the best solution to your problem.


We can help fix most types of gearbox including manual and automatic for all makes and models.


Our trained technicians can help repair most common clutch problems by repairing or replacing the clutch.


We repair and replace most types of exhausts so your vehicle ommits less C02 ommissions and sounds good


Ensuring your brakes system operates properly is paramount to you and your vehicle safefty.

Body Work

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Give your a car a smooth ride over bumps and humps when you service your car suspensions with us.

Wheel Alignment

We can align your wheels/steering to ensure your vehcile is operating in the right direction

AC Regas

We can refil your Air Condition system with industry standard gas and help reduce air con smell

Help is at hand

1 Booking

We arrange a suitable time with you to take your vehicle to our service centre for a checkup.

2 Diagnostics

We look throughout your vehicle to pinpoint any fault that may occur and advise you what is the best solution to the problem

3 Solution

We carry out the necessary work by either repairing the existing part or replacing it with a new one where needed to ensure your vehicle operates as it should do.

4 Checkup

We will contact you to see if the vehicle is operating as it should do and advise you the best option.